The Temple of the tooth
On the outside, the temple buildings are not magnificent or elaborately decorated. White with red roofs, they cluster around Kandy Lake (the island in the middle once housed the king’s harem). In striking contrast to the plain exterior, the interiors of the temple buildings are richly carved and decorated with inlaid woods, ivory, and lacquer. Around the entire complex is a low white stone wall, delicately and simply carved with openings that give a filigree effect. During celebrations, candles are placed in the openings, lighting up the entire front. The relic of the tooth is kept in a two-story inner shrine fronted by two large elephant tusks. The relic rests on a solid gold lotus flower, encased in jeweled caskets that sit on a throne. The temple is joined to the Pattiripuwa (Octagon) tower, built in 1803, that was originally a prison but now houses a collection of palm-leaf manuscripts. The king’s palace is also in the temple compound.

The World Buddhist Museum
Kandy a nice museum located at the Temple of Tooth believed to be established during the time of King Sri Wickrama Rajasingha. This Museum consists of many articles from the history of Kandy and also Buddhism in other countries.

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden
One of the must sees if you are in Kandy. Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens consists of varieties of plants, flowers, trees, spice gardens and a beautiful orchid house. A nice place to walk around .

Bahirawa Kanda Temple
Sri Maha Bodhi Viharaya at Bahirawakanda is a an attractive site located in a hilly place in the Kandy city itself which is seen from a distance. The monastery was commended in the year 1972 by the the ven. Ampitiye Dammarama Thero. This is also a must see in the Kandy city.

Embekke Dewalaya
Embekke Devalaya is situated in Pilimathalawa, kandy which has finest wood carving work. This Devalaya is dedicated to the the god Kataragama which is situated in the same location. Embekke Devalaya was build in around 1370’s during the Gampole regime time by the king Wickramabahu 11.

Lankathilaka Temple
Lankathilaka Temple is located in Hiripitiya, Kandy build by King Buwanekabahu IV in 1344 AD which is a must do if you visit Kandy. The specialty of the temple is that its a four storied building built on an uneven bed rock.

Pinnawela Elephant orphanage
Located in Pinnawela ( On the way to kandy ). You can see how they take care of the elephants here..every day at 8:30 and 10 :30 am , they take the elephants to the close river for a bath. try not to miss that.

Victoria Dam – half day driving trip from Kandy
It’s about 20km south of Kandy. This feat of engineering was completed in the late 70’s and the museum on the south side is located high above the dam giving a wonderful vista of the dam, lake and topography. The drive out takes you through villages which are less commercial. We saw waterfalls, brick making, logging, Hindu temples, a funeral and unspoilt jungle areas where cultivation is difficult. The road is excellent for much of the route having been upgraded during the building works and since.

The dam museum is secured by guards in a well maintained garden and the photo stops and views are fantastic as you drive there and on arrival. It has a decaying display of photos which badly need restoration but they show how important the dam has been to power generation and irrigation in the region. It’s sleepy in arrival, it looked like we were the first people to visit in days. The conveniences and facilities were neglected so don’t expect too much on that front. Donation only no charge to enter.